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Phoenix Wellnedd Services LLC

Phoenix Wellness Services LLC


Baltimore City

10 E North Avenue

Suite 10

(Inside Impact Hub Baltimore)

Baltimore, MD 21202

(240) 242-9302

"Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another."

Toni Morrison



Committing to therapy can be a difficult, life-changing journey of growth, healing, and self-exploration. Whether working through trauma or deciding on the next move in life, finding an empathic, supportive, welcoming therapist can be an integral part of navigating that journey successfully!

It won't be easy... but you will not be alone!

With a commitment to provide services from a space of cultural humility, we primarily work with adolescents and adults providing therapy and evaluation services in an inclusive environment. We offer educational services (e.g., clinician training) and a dedication to addressing social justice issues (e.g., advocacy) for individuals from marginalized/underrepresented communities. Phoenix Wellness Services LLC aims to provide services that are LGBTQIA+ inclusive and are committed to supporting the BIPOC community. We work with clients of all ages, genders, religions, races, gender identities/expressions, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds, and ability statuses.

Welcome to Phoenix Wellness Services LLC!

Thalia Y. Bishop, PsyD is not accepting new clients at this time.

Obella M. Obbo, MS is currently accepting new clients.

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