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Obella M. Obbo, MS
Psychology Associate

(Accepting new clients at this time.)

As a therapist, I offer a safe, empowering space, free of judgment, to engage in a collaborative dialogue exploring your narrative. We will look into your past and present thoughts, feelings, fantasies, and fears to encourage and innovate new intentional actions toward becoming fully actualized while establishing deep connection with yourself and other people. 


I have experience offering trauma-informed therapeutic services for survivors and alleged perpetrators. And I have offered counsel to many emerging adults struggling with fundamental childhood pain related to their upbringing and connected their experiences of racism, their ethnic origins, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodivergence, and the many other multi-dimensional ways we can identify and be made to feel othered. As I understand trauma can be relational, as so should be healing. So where you may find value in intimate partner, familial, or group healing, I am happy to meet you and other willing participants there. 


I am committed to a liberation-focused, person-centered talk therapy. I incorporate many therapeutic styles and tools including: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). My educational roots were fertilized in the soils of social theories and perspectives like (but not limited to): Radical Self-Love, Intersectional Feminist/Womanist theories, Queer theories, & Decolonization/Indigenous Knowledge. 


I would love to support your mental wellness journey!


Obella Headshot.png


Registered Psychology Associate

(under the supervision of a licensed psychologist)

Registered No./State: A0886/Maryland

Supervisor: Thalia Y. Bishop, PsyD

Supervisor License No./State: 06370/Maryland

Certifications Include:

Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate,

USF School of Business


RCYCP Certification (Residential Child &

Youth Care Practitioner, November 2017)


Mental Health Certification, Completed CSE Courses in
Cultural Competency and Mindfulness

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