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Phoenix Wellness Services LLC

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Continuing Education
Accessibility / Accommodations Policy

All trainings conducted in person will be presented at facilities that provides physical accommodations for individuals who require handicap access. A few examples of these items provided include, handicap parking spaces, and access to elevators. Additionally, we will provide printed handouts for participants. Participants with visual impairments will have the option to sit within 5 feet of the presentation. Additionally, interpreters will be available upon prior notification, including sign and spoken languages.


For virtual presentations, the automatic caption feature will be enabled for all presentations.  With advanced notice, Phoenix Wellness Services LLC will provide closed captioning CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) services for presentations. American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will also be made available, upon prior request. Phoenix Wellness Services LLC will take additional steps to make presentations accessible, including but not limited to, reminding presenters to describe images and other visual content, sharing resources and information via chat and email, enabling live captioning, distributing information and resources from the chat to participants, reading comments from the chat section aloud throughout the presentation, and sharing links/information provided during the presentation via email to all participants.  


For accommodations, participants must contact Phoenix Wellness Services LLC at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled workshop to review their needs. Participants can submit requests orally/verbally (e.g., in person or by phone) or in writing (e.g., email, written letter). Instructions on requesting accommodations are included on all promotional materials and on the Phoenix Wellness Services LLC website.

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